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Save time on rsvps, payments and planning classes with DoToo.

  • Stop struggeling with Excel lists or e-mail. With DoToo's rsvp list you always know who's attending your classes and who is not.
  • Never miss revenue anymore: DoToo takes care of your memberships, token cards and other payments.
  • More revenue and more customers: make your classes available on DoToo's public list!

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Efficiently plan and organize classes

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  • Do I have to pay during the trial period?

    No! You'll only be charged after your 30-day trial period when you choose not to cancel. We will send you an e-mail reminder at the end of the trial.

  • Can I cancel during my trial period?

    Sure! You can cancel anytime you want, go to your profile and press the 'Cancel subscription' button.

  • Can I change the choices I made?

    Off course! You can easily change your subscription choice or switch between yearly or monthly payment. You can do this yourself in your profile settings.

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